Computer Operating Systems

This course focuses on the concepts, architecture, and administration of Windows client operating systems from the perspective of end-user application, using both the command line and GUI environments. Students will learn DOS commands and build batch files (scripts) to automate simple tasks. The course also covers the different operating system functionalities such as: processor, device, and memory management, as well, students will explore connectivity, storage, user, and application management. IT professionals require a solid understanding of modern operating systems from both a theoretical and practical perspective. The knowledge gained in this course will help the students to support end-user administration of a Windows client operating system in small to medium business environments. This course prepares students to continue their computer systems education in the NETW 4102 and PROG 3103 courses in semester 3, focusing on Windows Server and PowerShell. A large portion of our systems graduates will find their careers directly involved in the data communications, networking industry or supporting companies in the networking area.