Database Development I

This is the first of two advanced Information Technology courses which cover database design and development in theory and practice. Students examine the logical design of today's Relational Databases and compare/contrast them that with typical file systems. A full understanding of an organization's data requirements is crucial in the development of a logical database solution for that organization. There will be a strong focus on the expansion of techniques to aid in the development of a design that supports the organization's data needs. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will be used to review both DML and DDL components of the SQL language. Further, SQL Server and Crystal Reports will be implemented through application development to create a database solution based on the student's logical design for a common business problem. It is expected that all students have Visual Studio 2012 installed on their laptops for all development in this course, professional version is preferred and students can acquire a copy from Microsoft's DreamSpark website or through the MSDNAA.