Field Placement 1

As part of the requirement to graduate, students must complete 140 hours of field placement in the second year of this program; in this course, students will complete 70 of those hours. Field placement is intended to give students the opportunity to demonstrate and where required continue to develop, key employability skills and program learning outcomes. Some of these include: customer service, crisis intervention, call processing, documentation, multi-tasking and professionalism. While the college has a list of host agencies willing to provide a placement experience, students are expected to utilize their job search skills, techniques, and resources from previous courses to evaluate placement opportunities and secure a field placement that matches their interests, skills, and abilities. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize guidance and support provided by the college to assess placement opportunities and ensure a good fit. Employers evaluate student performance upon completion of their placement hours and students have the opportunity to evaluate the placement agency. Student success during field placement is directly linked to their skills, abilities, competencies, attitudes, self-imposed limitations (e.g. specific geographic area) and their effort in securing an appropriate placement.