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Field Placement Seminar-ACCT

The Accounting Field Placement seminar is a preparatory course for the accounting field placement at the end of semester 6. It is a series of workshops, discussions, guest speakers and assignments designed to allow students to fine tune their job search skills and begin their plans for field placement. The program is flexible, and workshop topics can vary based on the needs and preferences of the students. The actual Field Placement will be arranged by the student based on their skills and career interests and must be approved by the Field Placement Coordinator. The Field Placement Coordinator will assist the student in finding a placement, as required, but the primary responsibility for securing a placement rests with the student. A wide variety of positions are available, including accounting, auditing, tax, financial analysis, etc. It is up to the student to find the appropriate employer and placement for their interests. Students will sign a Field Placement contract outlining the requirements and method of student evaluation for field placement. Students will also complete and submit a professional cover letter and resume. Attendance at field placement seminars is mandatory and upon successful completion (passing grade 75%) of the semester 5 field placement seminar FWKA 6201 and all year 2 courses with a GPA of 2.0, students will be eligible to register in FWKA 6202 – Accounting Field Placement in semester 6. Student's grade from FWKA 6201, Field Placement Seminar, carries forward to FWKA 6202 Field Placement and is worth 25% of their FWKA 6202 final grade. Students must receive 75% in both courses to pass field placement. Field Placement is a PASS/FAIL course.