Field Placement Seminar & Portfolios

Field Placement Seminar prepares students for an effective placement/job search. A corporate field placement is the final component in the program of studies in the Public Relations program. The corporate field placement is an important and integral part of Durham College's successful Public Relations program. The corporate Public Relations field placement takes place in the fifth semester of the fast-tracked three-year diploma program. Students will spend 14 weeks at a corporate public relations placement of their choice pending sign-off from the professor. The corporate Public Relations field placement must take place within a corporation. Non-profits are not eligible for placement. The student may not continue in a non-profit placement from the winter session. Students are responsible for finding their own placement. Field placements are approached as actual job situations in which students are interviewed for placement and are expected to perform at a professional level during the interview. Students are expected to submit resumes, provide portfolios, references, follow-up letters and act professionally during the search process.