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Occupational Health & Safety (HURM)

This course provides the human resources management student with a solid understanding of the broad and ever-changing occupational health and safety issues, legislation, programs, and best practices with specific reference to the human resource management function. Students will learn about hazard recognition, assessment and control techniques (physical, chemical, biological, and socio-psychological aspects) and the management of safety programs and related financial impacts in compliance with health and safety legislation. Topics include: legislative framework, hazard contact and risk assessment, incident investigation, workplace harassment and violence, emergency response and preparedness, motivating safety behaviour, workplace wellness, workers' compensation, employee training, and disability management including accommodation and return to work. The course also looks at evolving issues in the modern management of health and safety programs. Successful completion of this course, with a minimum final grade of 65%, will qualify as an approved credit towards the academic component of the Certified Human Resources Professional designation (CHRP), or Certified Human Resources Leader designation (CHRL), designations granted by the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). Please visit for full details.