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Wills & Estate Administration I

The role of a law clerk may include dealing with Wills, powers of attorney and estate administration in a law firm setting. This area of practice is one of the core legal areas recognized by the Institute of Law Clerks. This course provides students with the statutory authority for wills, powers of attorney and the administration of an estate. This Wills and Estate Administration I course will emphasize the important role a law clerk has in this area of law together with the basic understanding of its drafting rules and skills which can be adapted in any law office practice. This course familiarizes students with the law as it relates to and governs Powers of Attorney, Wills and Estate administration in Ontario. Students will learn the legal requirements for creating a valid will and learn how to draft a will. Students will also be exposed to drafting both a Continuing Power of Attorney for Property and Power of Attorney for Personal Care. This course will also cover various areas of estate administration including: court procedures and requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee with or without a will; exposure to procedures in managing an estate file from inception to the distribution of accounts and taxation on death. Students will study and apply the governing legislation in this area of law, including the Succession Law Reform Act as well as the Substitute Decisions Act.