Alertus App

Alertus is DC’s emergency mass notification app that is used to inform students and employees of high priority, active threats on campus that have the potential to affect their immediate safety (i.e. a violent aggressor, secure and hold or urgent evacuations).

In the case of an emergency, the app is used to notify the college community as quickly as possible of a potential threat. Subsequent communications are then distributed by the Emergency Management Response Team through existing channels – the campus status website, social media accounts, the DC Mobile App, and emails to students and employees.

Students and employees who have not downloaded Alertus are asked to follow these instructions, or scan the QR codes below, to download the app.

Please note, the Alertus App is not a replacement for the DC Mobile App. Students and employees are encouraged to download both. Alertus provides immediate information related to high-risk threats. The DC Mobile App is your source for institutional information where you can receive important notifications, access to academic information for students, DC Mail, DC Connect, services on campus and more. Working in tandem, both will help ensure the campus community remains up-to-date on college news.