Procedure title:Lockdown
Effective date: May 2014
Revision date: May 2016


This procedure provides direction to the campus community when responding to an incident or emergency that may threaten the institution’s processes, the safety of its employees and students, or the facility itself.


A lockdown refers to taking refuge in an office or classroom to isolate an individual or group from an exterior threat.


A lockdown will be called for when an active threat is reported and will only be called by a member of the Emergency Management Response Team or the president(s) after serious consideration. The announcement will be communicated over the Public Address (PA) system.

When a lockdown is initiated and you are:

  • In a classroom, office or room:
    • Close, lock or barricade the door;
    • Cover all window openings;
    • Account for everyone in the classroom or office;
    • Shut off all audio/visual equipment and turn off the lights;
    • Lie on the floor away from windows and doors;
    • Contact Campus Security at ext. 2400 or 905.721.3211 from an external phone, and provide your location and pertinent information;
    • Do not permit entry into any room once the door has been secured.
    • Do not open the door, even if the identity of the person seeking entry is known to you, unless by prearranged code or unless directed by Campus Security, Durham Regional Police or the manager of Public Safety and Security. (It may be a hostage situation and the attacker is trying to get you to open the door or leave your place of safety.)
    • In an open area or washroom:
      • If you are near an exit, and it is safe, exit the building. Once outside, do not re-enter the building. Gather at a safe distance off campus.
      • If you cannot exit safely, go to the nearest room and follow securing actions;
      • Account for everyone in your area;
      • Lie on the ground, remain quiet and calm; and
      • Follow the directions given by Campus Security and Durham Regional Police Service.

If the fire alarm sounds during a lockdown:

  • Assess your area for signs of fire;
  • If no signs of fire, remain in lockdown;
  • If signs of fire, evacuate if safe to do so; and
  • If you choose to evacuate, use the safest exit.


Lockdowns may be initiated in non-threatening circumstances to keep people away from areas where there may be a medical emergency, disturbance, or police activity.

In the event of an injury:

In the event an injury occurs, please contact your immediate supervisor to inform her or him of the incident. Next, you or your supervisor must fill out an Accident/Incident Report Form.

For Durham College employees, the form can be located on the employee intranet, ICE, under Forms, then Human Resources, and Accident, Injury. For more information, please refer to the Durham College Accident Reporting Procedure (EMPL-301.1), also located on ICE.

Ontario Tech employees can access the form through the ontariotechu.ca website. On the homepage, click Faculty and Staff, then Campus Services, and Health and Safety. For more information, please refer to the Accident Reporting Procedure, which is located on the ontariotechu.ca website.

Authority and responsibilities

Security supervisors and the emergency manager are responsible for establishing communication with the Durham Regional Police Service, which has authority governing active threats on campus.

The Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) and the Office of Campus Safety will be responsible for enforcing and communicating these procedures to staff and students.

Faculty, staff, and students will be responsible for taking direction from the appropriate authorities and contributing to a safe and secure environment.


Durham College and Ontario Tech Emergency Preparedness Plan & Policy

Durham College Emergency Preparedness Policy ADMIN-211

Durham College Accident Reporting Procedure EMPL-301.1

Ontario Tech Accident Reporting Procedure