Secure and hold


Procedure title:Secure-and-Hold
Effective date: May 2014
Revision date: May 2016


This procedure provides direction to the campus community when responding to an incident or emergency that may threaten the institution’s processes, the safety of its employees and students, or the facility itself.


Secure-and-hold is defined as the process of faculty, students, staff and others staying indoors during an incident or emergency when hazards may exist in the immediate area. Faculty, students, staff and others still have full access within the building.


Secure-and-hold is used to ensure public safety when a lockdown is not required, but public safety is an issue. These situations may be the result of criminal acts, weapons, bomb threats, hazardous materials, inclement or severe weather, civil unrest or other risk-associated situations that may affect campus safety.

Unlike a lockdown, everyone is allowed full access into and throughout the buildings.  Restrictions may be imposed during a secure-and-hold to facilitate public safety, such as directing anyone who is outside into a building, staying away from external windows or prohibiting anyone from exiting the building for periods of time until the situation is under control and it is safe. These restrictions will be announced by Campus Security.

Students, staff and faculty will:

  • Follow the directions given to them by Campus Security or others appointed by Campus Security to assist with campus safety and the securing of a building or campus;
  • For your own safety, do not exit the building unless directed to do so.


A Secure-and-hold may be initiated in non-threatening circumstances to keep people away from areas where there may be a medical emergency, disturbance, or police activity.

Authority and responsibilities

The campus Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) and the Office of Campus Safety will be responsible for enforcing and communicating these procedures to staff and students.

Faculty, staff, and students will be responsible for taking direction from the appropriate authorities and contributing to a safe and secure environment.


Durham College and UOIT Emergency Preparedness Plan & Policy

Durham College Emergency Preparedness Policy ADMIN-211

UOIT Emergency Preparedness Policy