Workplace violence


Procedure title:Workplace Violence
Effective date: May 2014
Revision date: May 2016


This procedure provides direction to the campus community when responding to an incident or emergency that may threaten the institution’s processes, the safety of its employees and students, or the facility itself.


Both the college and university have policies and procedures that detail what should and needs to be done in the event of workplace violence. This procedure, while conveying similar information, is only intended for workplace violence that poses an immediate threat, and hence requires a quick response. For a more detailed outline of what should be done in the event you suspect or witness workplace violence, please refer to the workplace violence procedure for your respective workplace. A link to both the Durham College and UOIT procedures are provided in the reference section below.

Workplace violence refers to any act in which a person injures a worker through the use of physical force, attempts to injure a worker through the use of physical force or threatens to use physical force to injure a worker.

Emergency refers to an immediate concern that physical violence will occur or has occurred.


In the event of an emergency:

  • Contact either:
    • Campus Security at ext. 2400 or call 905.721.3211 from an external line.
    • Durham Regional Police Service at 9-911 from a campus phone, or 911 from an external line.
  • If you elect to contact the Durham Regional Police Service, be sure to also inform Campus Security.

In the event of an injury:

In the event an injury occurs as a result of a workplace accident, please contact your immediate supervisor to inform him or her of the incident. Next, you or your supervisor must fill out an Accident/Incident Report Form.

For Durham College employees, the form can be located on the employee intranet, ICE, under Forms, then Human Resources, and Accident, Injury. For more information, please refer to the Durham College Accident Reporting Procedure (EMPL-301.4), also located on ICE.

UOIT employees can access the form through the website. On the homepage, click Faculty and Staff, then Campus Services, and Health and Safety. For more information, please refer to the Accident Reporting Procedure, which is located on the website

Authority and responsibilities

The Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT) and the Office of Campus Safety will be responsible for enforcing and communicating these procedures to staff and students.

Faculty, staff, and students will be responsible for taking direction from the appropriate authorities and contributing to a safe and secure environment.


Durham College and UOIT Emergency Preparedness Plan & Policy

Durham College Emergency Preparedness Policy ADMIN-211

Durham College Accident Reporting Procedure EMPL-301.4

Durham College Workplace Violence Prevention Procedure EMPL 313.1

UOIT Accident Reporting Procedure

UOIT Workplace Violence Prevention Procedure