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In order to access Books 24×7 titles, you must read and agree to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Acceptance of the Membership Terms (opens in a new window) Pay particular attention to the limitations of use section.
  2. Books 24×7 required us to implement “access token” technology. What does this mean?
  • When you connect to the Books 24×7 site through The Library, we are sending an anonymous, randomly generated “token” to Books 2×7.
  • This does not send personally identifiable information about you but enables Books 24×7 to track your activity anonymously. If Books 24×7 detects that you are in violation of the membership agreement, they will send this token to the Library and we can translate this back to your login ID. You will be asked you to comply with the Books 24×7 membership terms.
  • Note that The Library does not maintain any personally identifiable information about you; nor tracks your usage on its servers. We were asked to implement the “token” technology so that violators of license terms may be identified. Consult the Books 24×7 privacy policy here (opens in a new window)
  • One benefit of this implementation is that you can create bookmarks, your own bookshelf, etc. Even though you are “anonymous” these personalized choices will only be available to you, regardless of what computer you use to access Books 24×7, as long as you use the same user ID.

If you agree to these conditions, click on “I agree” – it will close this window and you may continue to Books 24×7.

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