Campus terminology

Campus Corners The building located on the southeast corner of Simcoe Street and Colin Road.
Campus ID Your campus identification card that includes your nine-digit student number. Also commonly referred to as your student card.
CERT Campus Emergency Response Team
CHC Campus Health Centre
Course/Web Registration The time period allotted to select courses for the upcoming semesters.
CRWC Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre
ASC Access and Support Centre
DC Crew Durham College’s student leaders volunteer at events during Orientation Week and other times throughout the year.  They also conduct campus tours with prospective students and their families.
Dean A college administrator who acts as a representative of your school and oversees its administrative aspects.
Durham Lords The name of both male and female varsity teams, also known as Lords.
FLEX The fitness centre located in the CRWC.
First Generation (FG) student A first generation student is a student whose parent(s)/guardian(s) has/have not attended a post-secondary institution. If your siblings have attended a post-secondary institution but your parents/guardians have not, you are still considered a first generation student.
Flex dollars A portion of your meal plan that can be used to supplement meals at other campus food locations.
GPA Grade point average, which measures your overall academic performance on a scale of 5.0.
GPS Get Prepared for Success – one of Durham College’s orientation events.
LGBTQ Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning.
Durham College strives to foster and sustain an environment of inclusiveness that empowers us all to achieve our highest potential without fear of prejudice or bias.
MyCampus An Internet portal designed to keep you connected to important information such as campus activities, class schedules, e-mail, grades, job postings, message boards and most importantly, other students and faculty.
Off-campus housing Refers to housing that is not affiliated with the college.
On-campus housing Refers to housing that is affiliated with the college and located on the campus.
OSAP Ontario Student Assistance Program, a government financial aid program that you can apply to through the Financial Aid and Awards department.
Polonsky Commons The field located between Durham College’s Justice wing, Ontario Tech’s Science building and the Campus Library.
RA Resident advisor, a student leader living in residence to ensure you are safe and to provide guidance.
RAL Resident academic leader, a student leader living in residence who can help you succeed academically.
SALS Student Academic Learning Services
School An academic department made up of programs similar in nature. An example of a school is the School of Media, Art & Design.
SHRC Sexual Health Resource Centre
Student Advisor An individual who assists students with academic-related issues and questions. Each school has one or more student advisor(s).
Student Centre Home to the Student Association, E.P. Taylor’s Restaurant and Pub, Tuck Shop and the Artist Den.
South Village Courtyard The area on the north side of the South Village Residence.
SSB Student Services building, glass building located at Simcoe Street entrance housing most student services
The SA The Student Association. An elected group of students who represent all students at Durham College and UOIT. Also commonly referred to as the SA.