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The Green Team is looking for students passionate about the three pillars of sustainability – social issues, the environment and business-related projects. The Green Team will be assisting our campus in advancing sustainability initiatives for our facilities and the community.

The Green Team is a student group that will work with Sustainability Committee members to develop goals and initiatives, raise awareness and participate in sustainability events and projects.

Volunteers will be eligible for co-curricular recognition and will play an active role in transforming the college.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact:

Laura Hamstra
Sustainability Co-ordinator

DC Sustainability Sub-Committee

The new Sustainability Sub-Committee is looking for members. Members are responsible for attending a minimum of four annual meetings and participating in committee events with varying time commitments. Providing unique student-driven initiatives and feedback would be at the core of the positions’ responsibilities. Students participating in committee meetings obtain valuable experience and an opportunity to improve campus sustainability.

The Sustainability Sub-Committee is an advisory body reporting to the college president.

If you are passionate about sustainability or know of someone who is, please complete the application form and email to Laura Hamstra, Sustainability Co-ordinator.

DC/Ontario Tech Joint Sustainability Committee

The DC/Ontario Tech Joint Sustainability Committee represents both college and university participants who are keen to nurture a culture of sustainability that will serve as a unique model of stewardship.