Become a peer coach

Why become a peer wellness coach?

Peer wellness coaching can be very rewarding, and it can help you to deepen your own study and organization skills (teaching is one of the best ways to learn!). It is very much a two-way process and the benefits for you as a coach include developing transferable skills, such as communication and empathy. You will also develop an awareness of various exceptionalities and how they impact students in an academic environment.

Purpose of peer wellness coaches:

  • To increase students’ abilities to connect with the college community
  • To foster a positive student experience through empowerment and promoting personal development
  • To coach students to explore and draw on their strengths and values
  • To facilitate student development

The role of peer wellness coaches is to:

  • Establish a positive, trusting relationship with the student
  • Set boundaries around communication, meetings, emails etc.
  • Encourage and support students in reaching their goals
  • Support the time management and organization of students
  • Assist students with connecting with the campus community
  • Model exceptional student behaviour and self-care
  • Act as a facilitator of knowledge

How to become a peer wellness coach

Students who wish to become a peer wellness coach will be required to fill out the become a Peer Wellness Coach application form and submit it to