Coaching at Durham College

Coaching is about helping students build resilience and succeed in achieving their goals. Students guide the process, leading the exploration of their potential which builds character strength and cultivates empowerment.

At DC, we recognize the importance of coaching and are excited about the launch of a coaching program to all students.


Our Vision

A campus where all students develop their personal strengths to become more resilient and achieve their goals.


Our Mission

To empower students through coaching to access and engage with wellness-focused resources.


The Benefits of Coaching

  • Help clarify what you want to achieve and how to get there
  • Develop lifelong self-management skills that lead to personal success
  • Grow your self-awareness to learn more about your strengths, values and purpose
  • Identify and work through obstacles getting in the way of success and personal growth
  • Increase motivation
  • Help you feel connected to campus community