Campus Safety

Protecting The Rights Of Everyone On Campus While Ensuring A Professional, Respectful And Safe Environment.  

 Always Feel Safe

At Durham College, the Office of Campus Safety promotes respect across campus and enforces the vision that everyone should be treated with dignity and have a strong sense of protection while on campus. ­The Office of Campus Safety provides many services to ensure that this vision is made a reality. Preventing crime on campus and solving problems that affect Durham College community members are just a couple of their areas of expertise.

Remember, You Are Never Alone

In conjunction with the Office of Campus Safety, there other great services at Durham College to make sure you feel safe at all times!

Code Bleu Stations are located in Durham College parking lots, walking paths and at the Library. These stations are very easy to spot, as they feature a tall red pole with a blue light. If you ever feel that you are in a risky situation or insecure about your surroundings, locate a Code Bleu Station and use the button to contact a security team member. Once the button is pressed, your location will be monitored with cameras and you will be connected with a Campus Security Team member.

The Campus Walk Program consists of a team of trained and qualified DC students who provide students, staff, faculty or visitors with company while walking to their vehicles, residence or other campus locations. Campus Walk employees work in teams of two on weeknights at all Durham College campuses to make sure you are out of harm’s way!

Service Availability:

Pickering: Monday – Thursday: 7 to 10p.m.

Whitby: Monday – Friday: 6:30 to 10:30p.m.

Oshawa: Monday – Friday: 7 to 11p.m.

For more information visit the Campus Security Webpage.

Respect Anyone and Anything on Campus

While on campus, it is necessary that students respect all students, staff, faculty and visitors. This requirement acts in accordance with federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations.  If you feel that anyone on campus is jeopardizing safety of yourself, others or the operations of the college, report their behaviours to a Security Desk. Security reports the issue to the Office of Campus Safety and from there, the issue will be handled.

“Safety and Security Is the Responsibility of Everyone on Campus”