Representing Durham College

Upon enrollment, students have responsibilities while they are on any Durham College facility, or engaged in college related activities off-campus.


Walking, Talking Mascot

Enrollment time! What an exciting part of the College Experience! You have just finalized your program decision, and cannot wait to go back to school shopping (that’s still a thing in college, right?).  You are probably eager to tell all your friends from high school about how great it is at Durham College and share your new adventures with your social media followers.

But remember, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”

Since you are now officially a DC Student you are also a representation of the college’s brand. Rock that DC Sweater, update your education on Facebook to Durham College, brag about being a DC student (because it’s a pretty great thing)!  While you are doing all this awesome, spirited celebrating keep in mind that anything you do or say as a Durham College student affects the college’s image. Durham College’s vision is to be the premier post-secondary education destination. Any actions that do not align with this goal are not permitted.   


Be a Good Digital Citizen

In our society today, social media is practically unavoidable. With the constant use of our handy dandy smartphones, we are able to instantaneously update or upload anything we want, anywhere we want. We are always in constant connection with our social media followers.

Consider your Facebook profile or Instagram page (etc.), your personal brand. How do you want your future employers, professors, friends and family to view you? Remember, nothing posted online is ever truly private or erasable.

As a DC Student, social media must only be used in a positive manner. Hateful, threatening; discriminatory online behaviour can potentially impact the colleges’ reputation. It is important to understand that online behaviour, regardless of where or when the post or picture is uploaded, can have the same impact as if it was made in person.

Think before you post.

If you wouldn’t feel comfortable explaining your tweet to your Professor, you should not share that information. If you couldn’t show that picture to your parents, it should not be online. As a Durham College student, it is your duty to ensure all of your social media posts are 100% respectful.



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