Nutrition Lunch and Learns

You are what you eat!

At Durham College (DC) we love to teach, we love to learn and we are committed to good health. Combine those three passions, and what do you have? Nutrition Lunch and Learns to educate and inform students, staff and faculty on a variety of topics related to food and nutrition. Many themes are linked to national and international awareness initiatives such as heart month and World Diabetes Day.

Nutrition plays a major role in maintaining overall health and is more important than most people realize. Food not only affects our bodies, but our minds as well. Good food fuels our entire person and keeps us moving free from illness, fatigue, mood swings and many more physical and emotional issues.

Join us for a Nutrition Lunch and Learn to discuss healthy topics, learn options for healthy food alternatives and get answers to your food-related questions, all the while enjoying a your lunch. You’ll leave with a belly full of food, a head full knowledge and a handful of great recipes!


Physical Fitness as Gen. Ed

Learn to live well!

Durham College (DC) is excited to introduce a new general elective program that raises awareness of various models of physical activity as well as the importance of physical activity through all stages of life.

Evidence shows that exercise enhances overall quality of life including mental health, academic and work performance, parenting ability, self-esteem, concentration and sleep quality. Find Your Fit was designed to teach students how to harness and integrate the positive effects of physical fitness into their lives.

Students will also learn the evolution of intentional exercise, barriers to exercise and related solutions, the importance of exercise, the stages of change model and the impact of technology on physical activity. The interactive program offers face time with the teacher, collaboration with classmates and online learning components.

The first course will be offered in the fall of 2015 through the School of Interdisciplinary Studies and Employment Services (ISES).

Join us to Find Your Fit!


Yes Means Yes

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Exploring sex and sexuality can be beautiful, but also confusing at times. When is it okay to cross into a physically intimate relationship with someone? The Campus Health Centre, Student Life, Residence and the Diversity office at Durham College (DC) have partnered to launch Yes Means Yes. This campaign was developed to raise awareness about healthy sex, share resources and provide a safe platform for students to engage in dialogue about self-awareness, confidence and knowledge when making decisions about sex.

There are many layers to any sexual experience. Yes Means Yes focuses on consent and what that really means as well as how to safely explore healthy relationships, healthy sex and sexuality.

At DC we want our students to be aware that regardless of the choices they make in regard to their sex life, there are campus and community supports available to address any and all questions or concerns. Our goal is to create a respectful and non-judgmental culture where students can engage in honest and safe dialogue about all aspects of healthy sex. We want our students to be informed and own their behaviour, but most importantly, be safe.