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So, You’re New on Campus?

Welcome! By now, the school year is in full swing! Frosh week is over, midterms have started and soon enough, exam schedules are posted *shudder*.

It is not unusual to feel as if you’re drowning in textbooks and notes right now!

First semester is a great time to learn how to take flawless notes, master your time management skills or figure out your best study methods.

It is also the perfect time to find study buddies in your program, bond with your roomies and get involved on campus!

Two Heads are Better than One

One great way to stay on point and receive the best grades possible is to find a great study partner or even a study group. Let’s be honest, studying isn’t necessarily the most exciting activity for all of us, there is always the potential to procrastinate. With a study partner or group, you can motivate each other to hit the books, keep each other on track and also use your strengths to match their weaknesses (and vice versa).

Having a reliable and trustworthy relationship with classmates will not only make your classes more enjoyable but also help you stay organized!

Friendmates? Roomends?

Roommates are great – not only because they offer a little more financial freedom or are able to fearlessly tackle the spider in the shower, but they are also there for potential support! Having a roommate encourages you to become more social. Maybe you’ll make a lifelong friend or make friends with some of their friends. This is a great opportunity to network and get out there!



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