Mindful Meditation

Refresh Your Mind, Body and Spirit

At Durham College, The Office of Student Diversity, Inclusion and transitions hosts a four-week Mindful Meditation Program. These sessions are open to all students at Whitby or Oshawa Campus, who wish to develop the essential techniques for mindful meditation. During these sessions, you will learn to create emotional balance through breathing methods and group discussions.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of techniques for resting your mind. It is a state of thoughtless awareness. During this exercise, your mind will be clear of scattered thoughts, you will feel relaxed and inwardly focused.  Incorporating meditation into your daily routine is proven to be a great stress reliever, making this a perfect routine to establish throughout the school year!


Mindful or Mind full?

Being mindful allows us to be fully aware of our thoughts and actions at all times. Many of our minds are preoccupied with the past or overwhelmed and planning future moments. This can prevent us from entirely experiencing the present minute and ultimately, distracts us from fully enjoying our lives.

Mindfulness is described as a state of awareness that creates a mind body connection. This connection allows us to better recognize our feelings and emotions. When dealing with negative thoughts triggered by stress or anxiety, mindfulness is a great tool to help you personally overcome these emotions.




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