Access Plans

Access Plans are intended to “level the playing field” in the classroom and are individualized to each student. Some Access Plans may include approaches such as: extra time and/or technology supports for tests and exams, assistance obtaining class lecture material, reduced course load, material in accessible format, and training and learning strategies. The goal is to reduce the impact a disability may have in the academic environment.

Student access requirements may vary from class to class depending on course design. While the Access and Support Centre (ASC) develops Access Plans with students, these plans belong to the student and the way they are communicated to instructors is up to each student. Some students may find that they won’t need to communicate anything to instructors in courses already designed with inclusive principles. In other cases, students may wish to communicate the need for access by chatting with their instructor in person, by email or over the phone.

Students are not expected to disclose their disability to instructors; only the parts of their Access Plan that are relevant to their access needs in the course.

 Instructions on how to view your access plan online.