Accessible formats for course material

Students have diverse needs when it comes to accessing educational material.  Accessible format for course material includes but is not limited to:

  • enlarged copy
  • braille
  • electronic copies of course material

Students who require accessible formats for their course material are required to meet with a ASC counsellor or advisor to review their individual requirements for formatting and to develop an access plan. 

Students who require accessible formats for textbooks as part of their access plan will follow the steps outlined below, preferably in advance of each semester:     

  1. Find your booklist

    After you have selected your courses for the upcoming term, use MyCampus to Finding your booklist [PDF – 127 KB]. You can also access this information on the Campus Bookstore web site. You may need to check several times to obtain all of your textbook titles.

  2. Print and submit your booklist to the ASC prior to the start of your term

    Print two copies of your booklist, including the publisher and ISBN number. Submit one to the front desk at the Access and Support Centre (SW116 at Oshawa campus or room 180 at Whitby campus) and keep a copy for yourself. Complete this step at least four weeks prior to the start of each term, where possible, as it can take the ASC weeks to facilitate accessible formatting with publishers and external vendors.  If your instructors have not yet posted all of their books, please submit the information for the remaining books as it becomes available.

  3. The ASC will contact you when the electronic copy is available

    You will receive an email to your Durham College email address when your books are available in an alternate format. Your electronic version of the book will be submitted to you only when proof of purchase is shown to the ASC. Your proof of purchase can also be submitted to the ASC at the time you provide your book list in order to reduce your wait time.