Volunteer peer note takers wanted!

Did you know that it is likely that 1 out of 10 students in your class will require assistance with note-taking due to having an invisible disability? Are you a great note taker who enjoys helping others?

Become a volunteer peer note taker

Students who require the services of a note taker may have difficulties taking notes due to an invisible or non visible disability. As a volunteer note taker you are providing your peers, who have been approved by the ASC for this accommodation, with an essential service to support them in their academic career. Without your support, students may not have access to all of the class notes.

Responsibilities of a note taker

  • Upload a typed copy of your notes to the ASC web site within 24 hours of each class
  • Attend classes regularly and on time
  • Contact the Access and Support Centre if any questions or concerns arise

Benefits of being a peer note taker

  • Knowing that you are providing a much needed service to your school community
  • Receive recognition on your Co-Curricular record or a Letter of Recommendation
  • Build your resume
  • Enhance your own note taking skills

How to become a peer note taker

It is as easy as one, two, three.

Step one: Start by registering online on the ASC volunteer note taker site. You will use your network id and password to register.

Step two: Create your note taker profile and select the courses that you are interested in being a volunteer note taker for. Follow these instructions on how to create your note taker profile.

Step three: Upload your sample notes, and wait to receive an email once you have been selected to become a note taker.