Tuition Fee Policy

Tuition Fee Policy for Students with Permanent Disabilities

Students who require a reduced course load as an accommodation for a permanent disability may be eligible for reduced tuition fees for the final courses needed to complete their academic program.

  • To be eligible you must have a permanent disability with current supporting documentation and have a reduced course load to accommodate your documented impact. This includes students with invisible disabilities including learning disabilities, medical conditions or mental health related diagnosis.
  • Student must be registered with the Access and Support Centre first in order to determine eligibility for the policy.
  • Reduced tuition fees are applied when the tuition fees you have already paid, meet or exceed the usual total tuition costs for your academic program.
  • This policy covers only required courses that you have successfully completed and paid for. It does not cover courses that you need to take again due to unsuccessful attempts and courses that you have received a refund for. It also does not cover courses you have withdrawn from after the last day to withdraw from the semester with no academic record. Withdrawal dates are determined by the Office of the Registrar (formally known as Strategic Enrolment Services) and are available under Important Dates.
  • Once full program tuition fees have been met, you may be charged only $20 per course, plus college ancillary fees, for the remaining courses needed to complete your academic program. Program tuition fees are established by the Office of the Registrar (formally known as Strategic Enrolment Services).
  • For the purposes of this policy, only tuition paid while registered in your current academic program will be considered.
  • If you are eligible to receive OSAP funding, the reduced tuition fee should be reflected on your financial assessment. If your OSAP assessment did not consider the reduced tuition fee, you may require a reassessment and are advised to contact the Financial Aid Office.