Career Education Seminars

Career Development coaches will deliver seminars in classes to align with the course curricula in the following areas:

  • Introduction to Career Development and Services (30 min)
  • Resumés: Everything Counts (50 min)
  • Cover Letters (50 min)
  • Job Search Success (50 min)
  • Networking (50 min) – NEW!
  • LinkedIn (50 min)
  • Interview Preparation (50 min)
  • Portfolio Development (30 min)
  • Workplace Success: Your First Days in a New Role (50 min)

For detailed descriptions of these seminars, please visit theHired portal. You do not need to log in to book a seminar, but we do ask that you make your request at least two weeks in advance.

Faculty Toolkit

We’ve synthesized the information we typically provide to your students in one-on-one appointments into reference documents for your own use, whether you are developing curriculum, or simply helping out a student seeking your advice on their resume or cover letter. The toolkit is also available on the Hired portal and does not require a login. You will also find some additional tips on ethical hiring practices, and information on navigating through the portal.