Peer Tutoring

How to Apply for a Peer Tutor

1.  Pick up an application from Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) SSB204 or download the Application for Tutoring PDF. [PDF – 43 KB]

2. Book an appointment to meet with the peer tutoring coordinator to be assigned a tutor. Remember to bring your completed application form (including your professor’s signature) and a copy of your current timetable to your appointment.

3. Make your $5.00 fee payment and return your receipt to SALS.

4. Contact your assigned tutor at the phone number or email address on the tutoring contract provided by the peer tutoring coordinator.  Contact your tutor in a timely fashion.  Delay in making contact may cause your assigned tutoring time to become invalid.

5. Bring your tutoring contract to your first meeting with your tutor.

6. Sign timesheets for your tutor at each session.

7. Contact your tutor and the coordinator at least 24 hours in advance if you need to cancel a scheduled session. Students who miss two tutoring sessions without contacting the office and the tutor will forfeit their tutoring privileges.

(Please note that full-time post-secondary students may apply for tutoring in two subjects and may receive up to 15 hours of tutoring in each of these two subjects pending tutor availability.)

Please note that group tutorials are often employed for high demand subjects.

How to Become a Peer Tutor.

  1. Pick up an application form from Student Academic Learning Services (SALS) SSB204 or download the Application for Tutorial Job PDF. [PDF – 43 KB]
  2. Book an interview appointment with the Peer Tutoring Coordinator.  Please bring your completed application form (including one reference from a professor) along with a current copy of your timetable to your interview appointment.
  3. Complete a Student Financial Profile on MY CAMPUS.  Bring the notification email from Financial Aid & Awards to confirm your eligibility to be funded for a tutoring position.  Please note those not approved may be funded separately for tutoring positions but must first provide an email from Financial Aid + Awards proving they are not eligible to be funded with OSAP related funds.
  4. Attend the required training session once hired.
  5. Submit all necessary paperwork (direct deposit form and TD1 form) prior to beginning any tutoring.
  6. Tutoring will begin during the third week of classes each semester.