Session Information

Session Information

Conference workshops proudly sponsored by General Motors of Canada Company

Session name Presenter name Session description
BristleBots Judy Gauvin This technology-based session will have each student work independently to create their own web BristleBot using a Google Chromebook in just 10 minutes!
Candy Chromatography Laura Benninger, Hanna Usal and Pramya Kanesamoorthy

Working individually or in pairs, students will discover how colours can be separated from candy using science techniques. Participants are required to have a ruler, pencil and water to complete this session.

We would like to thank Gerdau for sponsoring this workshop.

Marshmallow Architecture Maysam Ahmad

During this session, students will learn about the creativity and precision required to have a career in the important and detail-oriented profession of architecture. Working in groups of two or three, participants will build a small house using only toothpicks and marshmallows.

We would like to thank RESCON for sponsoring this workshop.

Build a Tower Dr. Amit Arora

Working in teams of four, and using only uncooked spaghetti, tape, string and a single marshmallow, this session will see students build the tallest possible free-standing tower they can in a mere 18 minutes. Once complete, its strength will be tested by having the marshmallow placed on top to see if it will topple. Are you up for the challenge?

Note: Students are not able to use internet resources (smart phones or computers) during this activity and can only communicate with their fellow teammates.

We would like to thank Black & McDonald for sponsoring this workshop.

Secrets of Self-Confidence Ella Bates This session provides students with the opportunity to learn the secrets of self-confidence and how to speak with courage, share ideas, and showcase your expertise to positively impact your relationships with others and your success in life. Create the career you deserve!
Household Ingredient DIY Bath Bombs Lorie Blundon

This workshop will have students make their own individual bath bomb using simple ingredients and tools found in a kitchen at home. Get inspired about all the science-based career opportunities in the beauty and wellness industries.

We would like to thank Gerdau for sponsoring this workshop.

The Chemistry of Makeup Danelle Driscoll

Have you ever wondered how cosmetics are made? Did you know that chemistry is involved?

In this session, students will be cosmetic chemists to make their own personalized lip scrub.

Participants will also be introduced to some of the exciting careers in the cosmetics and beauty industries that are based in chemistry.

We would like to thank RESCON for sponsoring this workshop.

Tums Attack David Duncan and Dimitri Stathopoulos Do you know the science behind relieving an upset stomach using digestive aids like TUMS? The goal of this workshop will be to prepare a coloured cabbage indicator to test the pH level of various household compounds. Participants will be able to see the chemical change that will affect both the colour and intensity of the solution colour as a result of these acidic conditions.
CyberSmart Detectives Dr. Sukhwant Sagar and Rukmani Ramasubbaralyalu Become a cyber-detective during this session exploring the types of malware that affect our devices, while also learning how to protect them. Participants will work to solve two cases of malware attacks.
Protect Your Password Zuvairiya Abdul Salam By completing an activity worksheet and escape room challenge, this workshop will help students learn about risky online behaviour and password safety. Videos about online risk and safety, as well as women in cybersecurity will also be shown.
Social Media Safety Liz Teller and Kamaljeet Batra Students will get a chance to think like a Computer Technologist when they work in teams of three to solve an IT case study. Supported by videos and statistics, the topic of online safety will be discussed and participants will have the opportunity to complete an encryption activity.