Moving Our Brand Forward

Moving our brand forward

Durham College (DC) has evolved with a bold, new mission statement. We have met change head on to respond to the growing needs of our students, employees and community, while transforming the way we teach, work, live and lead.

As part of this evolution, our brand assets have also taken a step forward. DC’s brand is a combination of elements acting as physical representations of our values and offerings. It reflects all that we do as an organization, including how we are moving forward while continuing to recognize where we came from – our humble beginnings and bold vision.

DC’s logos, elements and colours combine to create an identity system that maintains our proven brand equity while demonstrating the progressive and modern approach to how we communicate with our audiences, both digitally and in print.

As we launch our new mission – together, we are leading the way – it’s time we also take our brand to the next level. Just as we adapt, so should our look.

Our brand is our story and the sum of everything we do. As DC community members, we are ambassadors of the brand - together, we are DC.



DC logo


Carrying the full weight of the college’s rich history, this logo is firmly planted in tradition with the use of a modernized shield, DC green and Success Matters tagline.

This logo will continue to be used on prominent corporate applications, such as our buildings and official documents.

Significant equity in the full logo has been built over the past decade and we are now in a position to introduce additional logo options that provide flexibility and progression while maintaining DC’s brand recognition.

These additional options are outlined below.



DC logo


DC logo


DC wordmarks should be used in tandem with the graphical elements and colours below when the full logo is not required. This modern and cohesive design allows the brand elements to seamlessly merge our legacy of quality education with the bold new story of how we are inspiring learners, innovating within our community and leading the way.


DC logo

DC logo

DC logo

DC logo


Inspired by our full logo, these elements maintain our roots and powerful brand equity by creating visual continuity. These icons may be used on their own or alongside DC wordmarks to provide visual cues associated with the DC brand. They are ideal for use in designs that call for impact, or require streamlined or minimalist elements, such as branded merchandise, flyers, social media, or publication covers.

An additional application of a 45-degree angle can be used in a design to imply energy, forward thinking and movement.


DC Brand colour guide

DC’s colour system, which consists of primary and secondary palettes, has been thoughtfully selected to create brand harmonization to ensure consistency, hierarchy and visual recognition.

The primary hues of green, warm black and crisp white have been strategically selected to evoke emotion and brand recognition, and remain the foundation of DC’s brand colour palette.

DC green is steeped in over 50 years of tradition. It reflects our solid and stable roots, continual growth, and fresh, grounded approach to education, innovation and community. We wear the colour loud and proud.

The secondary colour palette of yellows and reds reflect the warm, steadfast, energetic and passionate essence of our college community: the students, employees and alumni who call DC home.

Proportionally, our DC green and clean whitespace act as the dominant brand colours, while black and the secondary palette act as accents, adding vibrant, welcoming pops of colour.


As one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, sustainability is top of mind, which is why our refreshed brand will be rolled out over the course of the next year or so when existing marketing materials, signage and apparel are naturally due for replacement.

In the meantime, departments across the college can begin implementing this new suite of brand elements online and in their own marketing initiatives with the guidance of DC’s brand strategist, Beth Chapleau.

To view DC’s full brand standards and information about acquiring our brand assets, please visit