Changes coming to your Microsoft 365 account

Durham College is proud to have more than 110,000 alumni who have passed through our halls and benefited from a dynamic DC education. Over the years, the digital footprint of our students and alumni has grown exponentially with a large volume of data in our system that is unsustainable for us as an organization for both technical and financial reasons.
Due to Microsoft’s new terms for DC’s Microsoft 365 (M365) contract, we are making changes to M365 access. The following changes will come into effect on
August 1, 2024:
  • DC student storage limits have been changed to 25 GB for DC Mail email, 500 GB for DC Mail OneDrive and 500 GB for Teams/SharePoint sites.
  • Students who require increased storage limits due to assignments and student work will be able to apply for additional space through their Student Advisor.
  • Your M365 licence and DC network access will end 12 months after your last day of classes whether you graduate, withdraw or take a leave of absence. You will no longer be able to access the DC network including MyDC, DC Mail, OneDrive and Office 365 apps including Word, Excel and Teams.
Before your credentials expire, we recommend that you move all your personal data that you wish to keep to another platform.
How to access DC services after your network credentials expire:
  • Alumni can access records including transcript requests and verification letters, via MyDC at
  • To continue to access Career Development resources, graduates can create a Hired portal account at Go to the ‘Alumni’ heading, then select ‘Registration.’ Registration will be approved within one to two business days.
  • DC alumni can access the Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre via a discounted membership. for a membership account activation. Please include your full name with a screen shot of your valid alumni card in your email. When your account has been approved, you will be contacted with further information.
As you move along your career journey after completing your studies at DC, we value your time with us and want to keep you connected to our college and alumni community. Update us with your current personal email address and learn more about keeping in touch with us, as well as exclusive benefits available to DC alumni. 
For more information on these changes, please visit our Questions and Answers.
Thank you for taking the appropriate actions to ensure that your M365 email and files are appropriately backed up.