DCSA Health and Dental Plan – Opt-Out and Opt-In Information and Morcare Information for International Students

DCSA Health and Dental Plan
Domestic and International Students
Including Opt-Out and Opt-In Information

Durham College Students Association (DCSA) provides a Health and Dental Plan for all full-time** Durham College (DC) students. The fee is charged to your tuition and must be paid with your tuition.

The policy year for September-start students begins Thursday, September 1, 2022 and coverage continues until Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Download your Plan Card and view your coverage from www.studentvip.ca/dcsa

Your policy number is 0091963000.

Looking to Opt-Out of the Plan?

Students with other health and dental plan coverage can elect to opt-out of the DCSA-provided plan. To opt-out students must visit the Student VIP website www.studentvip.ca/dcsa and complete the online opt-out form by September 30, 2022. You will be required to provide proof of other coverage.

Looking to Opt-In Dependents to the Coverage?
Adding dependents and partners/spouses is easy, but opt in must be done before September 30, 2022. Check out the Student VIP website www.studentvip.ca/dcsa for more details.

Note: If you were a January 2022 or May 2022 start student and are continuing full time in September 2022 dependents must be opted in again for the 2022-2023 policy year.

**Note: Only full-time students are eligible for the Health and Dental Coverage and there are some exceptions to what Durham College considers full time. If you are not sure if you are considered full time you can check with Durham College Strategic Enrollment Services.
Fully delivered online programs (Critical Care Nursing and Pre-Health Services – online) have adjusted ancillary fees. Please visit your program fee calculator to see the amounts associated with your delivery

International Students

International students are enrolled under two mandatory health insurance plans.

Morcare – Provides your basic insurance coverage for visiting the doctor for illness, injury or medical emergencies.

To download your Morcare medical card:
1. Go to www.morcare.ca
2. Select “Durham College”
3. Click “Your Space” from the top menu
4. Enter your date of birth and student number
5. Please print a paper copy as this is required by medical clinics for billing purposes.

Student VIP – Your Extended Health and Dental plan that covers prescription medication, dental, vision, chiropractor, massage, physiotherapy, etc.

To download your health and dental benefit card:
1. Go to www.studentvip.ca/dcsa
2. Select “Durham College”
3. Select Benefit Card
4. Register to set up an online profile
5. Please print a paper copy as this is required by medical clinics for billing purposes.

Still have questions?

Reach out for assistance.

Student VIP website www.studentvip.ca/dcsa and access Live Chat for assistance
DCSA website www.mydcsa.ca and access Live Chat to connect with DCSA staff
Email donna.judson@durhamcollege.ca
By phone at 905.721.1609 ext. 3