Receive instant support with the DC Virtual Assistant!

Durham College (DC) has launched a DC Virtual Assistant, a new AI-powered chatbot to improve your experience with Admissions, Enrolment Services and International Education related-questions.

Access the DC Virtual Assistant for:

  1. Instant answers to your questions.
  2. Personalized responses.
  3. 24/7 availability from any device.

The DC Virtual Assistant is available directly from the Admissions, Enrolment Services, International Education, and Student Recruitment webpages or from MyDC by clicking on the chatbot icon located in the corner of your screen. Simply type your question into the chat window and the DC Virtual Assistant will provide you with a prompt and helpful response.

The DC Virtual Assistant cannot provide information about individual student accounts or personal data. If you require assistance outside the capabilities of the DC Virtual Assistant, it will connect you with a live agent who can assist you during business hours.