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Yes, there are a variety of scholarships, bursaries and awards made available to students each year.  In course Scholarships are awarded to students automatically who have achieved academic excellence in their previous year of study in their program.

Other Awards are also available to students based on varying criteria such as personal excellence (or a combination of academic and personal); community involvement; or leadership. Often, these awards also take financial need into consideration.

Bursaries are awarded based on financial need. Occasionally, there may be other requirements for qualification.

Students must be in good academic standing to receive a bursary or other award.

*Scholarships, bursaries and awards do not need to be repaid, they do need to be declared on your OSAP application, unless you have been notified otherwise

During first semester of your program

  • You must apply for the program of your choice through
  • You can simply amend your application at OntarioColleges, to your new program choice.  The process will begin again and you will receive an offer if there are still seats available and you are qualified.

 Changing programs within the same school (after semester one)

  • To change programs within the school/division, arrangements can be made in the Student Services building. You may need to make an appointment with your student advisor if you have completed more than one year of the program in order to assess credits and timetable needs.
  • Advanced Standing applications can also be made in the Student Recruitment and Admission Services office if you want previous credits considered for entry into year 2 or 3 of another program.

Your OSAP funding will be electronically disbursed to your bank account in two instalments

e.g. September and January for September-start students. It is important that you keep your bank account information up-to-date with the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). Your address and contact information must be up-to-date with OSAP in case there is a problem with the direct deposit and your funds are issued by cheque.

  1. Complete the Student Information Form found on our website or stop by the Access and Support  Centre office.
  2. Along with the Student Information Form, submit copies of disability documentation.
  3. A staff member will contact you to arrange your initial appointment.

Please book an appointment to meet with your student advisor, they are located in the School of Media, Art & Design academic office, C237.

To receive academic accommodations, you must have a diagnosed exceptionality or are temporarily at-risk. The Access and Support Centre requires appropriate and recent medical documentation and/or a psycho-educational assessment to support the diagnosis and impact of the exceptionality(ies).

*For more information on appropriate documentation, contact the Access and Support Centre.

Fee statement for course fees or miscellaneous fees

If making a payment in the Student Services building or online with your credit card you are required to know the amount owing. If paying in person, get a ticket at the kiosk to see a student services representative. You will need a copy of your fee statement when making a tuition payment. If you do not have a copy of your fee statement with you, there are computers and a printer available at the Welcome Desk to use.

Please note there is a $200 limit on cash transactions.  If you are making a tuition payment please pay with your debit or credit card or bring in a certified cheque for processing.