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You should ask questions and get clarification if you aren’t sure about the expectations for an assessment.

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You must reference when you quote information from a source and when you put the source’s information into your own words.

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Students who complete the SALS ONLINE Academic Integrity module receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Some academic integrity breaches include plagiarism, copying from others, and unauthorized use of generative or other artificial intelligence.

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You don’t need to memorize all the rules for referencing. SALS has workshops and the Library has citation guides to help you.

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Understanding your responsibilities, managing your time, and asking for help when you need it contribute to helping you maintain academic integrity.

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Each student is responsible for doing their own work to earn their credential.

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One of the biggest risk factors for breaching academic integrity is procrastination.

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Academic Integrity and You

Academic integrity means academic honesty. Integrity matters. There are no shortcuts to a college education. You are responsible for completing your studies in an open, honest, and responsible manner.

Completing your studies with integrity means you are putting in the effort to do your school work and showing yourself, your professors, those you care about, your community, and your future employer that you have earned your credential.

You are:

  • taking responsibility for your actions and being proud of the work you have done
  • showing respect for existing knowledge, the ideas of others and the knowledge you have gained
  • protecting the trust in your profession and the credential you earn
  • strengthening your own reputation

Integrity at school and at work

In this video, Bhavya, a student in the paralegal program, speaks about the importance of integrity at school and at work.

Maintain Academic Integrity


These resources will help you understand academic integrity at Durham College, what an academic integrity alert is, and what your rights and responsibilities are should you receive an academic integrity alert.

If you would like a printable copy of this infographic, click here.



What Are My Responsibilities Regarding Academic Integrity?

What Is an Academic Integrity Alert?

What Happens If I Receive an Academic Integrity Alert?

What Are My Rights and Possible Penalties Regarding Academic Integrity?


View these one-minute videos to learn what academic integrity means to these DC students. As you watch, think about what academic integrity means to you.

Anna, Office Administration – Health Services

Samson, Business - Accounting

Annandi, Law Clerk Advanced

Onethra, Human Resources – Business Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

For more information about academic integrity at Durham College please contact your academic advisor or SALS@durhamcollege.ca.