Peer tutoring

Peer Tutoring Service Pledge

We will deliver peer tutoring to support student learning and help them reach their academic goals.


Our peer tutors are trained to support students in academic need in becoming independent and successful learners.

We strive to find upper-year students to support all tutoring requests; however, due to the wide range of academic programming at Durham College, we cannot guarantee that peer tutors will be available for every course.

All peer tutoring will be conducted on Durham College property, either in study rooms or in an online (remote) format.

We offer

  • Course specific peer tutoring
  • Drop in writing support and math support
  • Drop-in DC Connect & Computer Support

Course-specific peer tutoring

We offer group and one-to-one, course specific peer tutoring for currently enrolled Durham College students who are experiencing academic difficulty. Students may apply for peer tutoring in one or two courses, and when available, will be matched with trained upper-year students who can provide extra academic support. Please note there is no peer tutoring offered for Communications courses.

Drop-in Writing support

Peer writing tutors provide academic writing support to DC students who need help with getting started on an assignment, understanding basic grammar and punctuation concepts, using APA or MLA referencing, preparing for presentations, and learning how to edit their own work. Our peer writing tutors assist students to improve their academic writing skills and will not proofread or edit students’ work.

Please email for available drop-in times or to schedule an appointment.


Students are required to cancel a scheduled tutoring session no later than 8:00am on the day of the scheduled session. Failing to cancel prior to the scheduled session as outlined will constitute a “No Show” and will result in a $15 charge, which will be added to the student’s Durham College account.

Should a student accumulate three “No Shows” in one semester, they will forfeit their peer tutoring privileges for the remainder of that academic semester. 

Students who have forfeited their peer tutoring privileges will still be able to meet with SALS staff, attend tutorials and workshops, and access SALS ONLINE resources, and will be permitted to register for peer tutoring again in subsequent semesters.


Are you looking for some additional support to help you along your academic journey?  Students who are experiencing academic challenges can apply for a peer tutor in up to 2 courses each semester.  A peer tutor can help you understand and apply course content or concepts, improving your academic success.

Please note:  While we make all efforts to secure qualified, upper-semester students in a variety of subject areas, we cannot guarantee the availability of a peer tutor for all subjects.  We will, however, do our best to match you with one, so please submit a request.

Applications are now closed until September 2023.


Interested in helping other students reach academic success in their courses or program?  Apply to become a peer tutor for the 2023 -2024 academic year.  To be a peer tutor you must:

  • Be in the 2nd semester of the program or higher
  • Have a minimum grade of 80% in the course you want to tutor
  • Have, and maintain, a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA
  • International and Domestic students are welcome to apply

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