Learning Specialists

Learning Specialists are experts in their subject areas (Biology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Accounting, and Learning Strategies).

They help students to:

  • review and learn course material through appointments and course-specific group tutorials
  • become better learners by teaching learning strategies based on the science of learning

Click here for an accessible PDF version of the SALS services.

Calendar icon Book An Appointment

  • For course-specific support, you can book an individual 50-minute appointment with a Learning Specialist
  • Your appointment can be in person or remote
  • To cancel or reschedule your appointment, email the specialist and SALS (sals@durhamcollege.ca) before 8:00am on the day of your appointment

For any questions about booking an appointment, email sals@durhamcollege.ca or call 905.721.2000 ext. 2491.

In your email, include your name, student number, phone number, program of study, and your appointment question.

Appointment Request Form

Learning Specialists

Aleksandra Milkowski
Learning Specialist (Math)

Michael Crowley
Learning Specialist (Math, Statistics, Physics)

Craig Black
Learning Specialist (Biology)

Jillian Fischer
Learning Specialist (Chemistry)

Rosemarie Grivich
Learning Specialist (Accounting, Business)