Student Jobs

DC Works program

Earn money this academic year through the on-campus DCWorks/IWorks program!

The DCWorks/IWorks program is designed to assist full-time students who are anticipating or experiencing financial difficulties by providing them with part-time employment on campus. Funding is provided by Durham College. The program runs from September to April each year. Each job offers a maximum of 12 hours per week to a maximum of 140 hours per semester.

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The application for Summer Employment 2024 is now available in MyDC.

**Please note: International funding is exhausted for Summer 2024**

Summer Employment Program

Financial Aid and Awards is providing students with a great opportunity to gain insight on different departments throughout the college at Oshawa, Whitby campuses. The Summer Employment Program is a great way to gain new sets of skills and build your professional network. The program runs from May to August each year. Each job offers a maximum of 35 hours per week to a maximum of 525 hours.

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Hired Portal

Durham College's (DC) Career Development site, the Hired Portal, is exclusive to DC students and alumni. With over 7,000 registered employers using our site to promote their organizations and recruit new talent, we are sure you will find something for you!

On the Hired Portal you can:
  • Search for job listings.
  • Access on-campus work study job listings.
  • Sign up for e-mail notifications of job listings.
  • Explore the Career Resources section.
  • Book an appointment with an advisor.
  • Learn about upcoming career events in the community and on campus.
  • Reserve a seat at one of our on-campus recruiter events or workshops.
  • Download Career Development booklets to guide you on resumés, cover letters, interviews, job search and portfolios.
  • Download instructions for creating your own Durham College student business cards, in partnership with

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