Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

The Student Awards office posts various means of financial assistance to those students who are looking for funding opportunities. This information is updated regularly as funding opportunities are presented.

  • General Bursary and  Awards
  • DCWorks program and the (International student) IWorks Program
  • Durham College Summer Employment Program

Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards for Durham College students are based on academic excellence, financial need and/or community involvement.

Donor Scholarships/Bursaries/Awards

These awards have been generously donated specifically for Durham College Students. A Durham College General Bursary and Awards Application must be completed unless otherwise noted in the posting details. The online application can be found under the self-service section of Financial Aid and Awards. To be considered for all the Auto awards you must complete the supplementary awards section of the online application.

The online application will be available in September.

Please note:

  • Only students selected  to receive awards will be notified - Notifications will be sent by the end of the Fall semester
  • All notification is via DC email only.
  • Awards are posted throughout the year, amounts, criteria and number of awards may be changed without notice.
  • We encourage you to review the list of recurring awards that may be available each year.