Become a Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentor Program provides welcoming mentorship opportunities to first semester international students by matching first semester students with an upper year mentor, who acts as a resource to answer questions, connects mentees with campus resources and services, and offers social support to ease students’ transition to Durham College. Students are matched based on their program of study, common interests or both.

The goal of the program is to help new students feel welcome and supported while developing skills they will need to be successful at DC. The program aims to build confidence through meaningful connections between mentors and their mentee(s), encourage using campus resources/services, and contribute to a fulfilling college experience for all participants.

How can a Peer Mentor help me?

A mentor can assist with some or all of the following:

  • Answering questions about Durham College
  • Providing friendship during the transition to starting a program (remotely, during COVID challenges)
  • Getting involved on campus
  • Enhancing their undergraduate experience and expand their network
  • Connecting with an experienced DC student in the same program
  • Developing strategies to successfully transition into college life in Canada
  • Understanding the supports and services available for personal and academic success
  • Increasing their sense of belonging within the DC community

Peer Mentor Benefits

Serving as a Peer Mentor is a valuable form of experience that directly impacts the college community. By volunteering your time, enthusiasm and knowledge, you contribute to the success of first year students by helping them achieve a sense of belonging at Durham College. Peer mentors are also invited to participate in the International Volunteer Program (IVP) which offers opportunities to support International Education office events and activities across campus or virtually (due to COVID restrictions).


A Peer Mentor is required to attend an online training session prior to the beginning of the semester. Mentors are expected to meet at least once bi-weekly with her/his assigned mentee(s) for the first eight weeks of the semester, whether by email, phone, or social media. The mentor will fill out an evaluation form and meet with the program coordinator and the other mentors to debrief at the end of the eight weeks.

We understand that life as a student with many responsibilities and priorities is busy and for that reason our mentorship program is flexible and provides mentors and their mentee(s) with an opportunity to determine their own schedule. We encourage mentors and mentees to use communication methods that best work with their needs and are agreed upon by both parties, from emails or phone calls, connections via text or social media, or perhaps meeting for a coffee. The way participants decide to interact is between mentor and mentee(s).

Peer Mentor Registration Form

  • Note: You MUST use your DC email
  • Before submitting your application, please read the statements below carefully, and click the checkbox if you understand and agree.