Notice of service disruption

Current Disruption(s)


COVID-19 update: With Step 3 of the provincial re-opening plan currently in effect, some in-person learning activities and campus operations are impacted.

Program delivery information: spring semester and fall semester.

May 6 – Parking lot construction at Whitby campus May 10 to August 31

As part of the Whitby campus expansion, parking lot renovations will be taking place in the main lot starting Monday, May 10 and may impact lot users. The project will be divided into two phases with an anticipated completion date of Tuesday, August 31.

During construction, access to residences and deliveries to the greenhouse complex, carpentry, welding and automotive shops will be made through the southwest entrance on Champlain Avenue. The W. Galen Weston Centre for Food parking lot will not be impacted.

Please see the image outlining Phase 1 and Phase 2.

PHASE 1: North lot closure
Monday, May 10 to Thursday, July 15

During this time, the north end of the lot will be under construction. Students and employees are required to park in the south and east areas of the main parking lot. The entrance to the main building will continue to be the building access point. Please note: parking in these areas will be on gravel with temporary line painting.

Please be advised of the below additional impacts:

  • Grading and addition of curbs and walkways to the north and west parking areas.
  • Installation of new entrance/exit to access Stellar Drive.
  • Installation of new parking lot lighting, storm sewers and storm water retention system.
  • Asphalt paving, line painting and parking lot signage.
  • Landscaping (planting, topsoil, seed and sod).

PHASE 2: West and south lot closure
Friday, July 16 to Tuesday, August 31

During this time, the west and south end of the lot will be under construction. Students and employees are required to park in the completed Phase 1 north parking lot, accessed by the new entrance on Stellar Drive. Accessible entry will be available prior to the start of Phase 2.

Work during this phase will also include:

  • Installation of storm sewers and storm water retention system.
  • Asphalt paving, line painting and parking lot signage.
  • Installation of permeable paving stone and landscaping (planting, topsoil, seed and sod).

Thank you for your co-operation and patience.

March 31 – Lane, sidewalk and parking restrictions in Founders lot 1 this spring

This message is being shared on behalf of our campus partner, Ontario Tech University. Inquiries can be sent to Patrick Neil, senior project manager, Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability.

Please be advised that the J-Wing portable connected to the south side of the J Building at the Oshawa campus will be permanently removed from campus within the next few weeks. To accommodate the removal, access to Founders lot 1 will be limited starting at the end of March and continuing through to mid-June.

On the day the portable is removed from campus – which is still to be confirmed – there may be traffic delays, and the sidewalk immediately north of Founders lot 1 will be unavailable for pedestrian use.

See details on parking, traffic and sidewalk restrictions below and a map of the construction area is available online.

Once the portable is removed, the area will be converted to green space (planned to be completed by Spring 2021).

Parking restrictions:

  • In preparation for the portable removal, 42 parking spaces south of the portable and extending east to Durham College’s (DC) Student Services Building will be fenced off and temporarily unavailable (see map).
  • On the day the portable is removed from campus, the lot will be entirely closed. As an alternative, please park in Founders lot 2. Dates and details will be confirmed closer to the time the removal work commences.
  • After the removal, a row of parking spaces adjacent to the portable site may remain fenced-off while the area is converted to green space.

Lane restrictions:

  • On the day the portable is removed from campus, expect single-lane restrictions and potential traffic delays near the north end of Founders Drive.

Sidewalk closures:

  • The sidewalk that runs along the south side of Founders Gate (directly north of Founders lot 1) will be temporarily closed on the day the portable is removed from campus. As an alternative, pedestrians should use the sidewalk along the north side of Founders Gate.

Additional information:

  • For safety, pedestrians and motorists should obey signage and construction personnel, and avoid the construction
  • Weather permitting, the removal of the portable is scheduled for completion by mid-June and the site converted to green space by the end of spring. Updates will be posted as they become available.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

July 3 – Parking restrictions and road closures due to construction at the Oshawa campus

Please be advised that over the summer there may be significant restrictions to Founders lot 2 due to the start of construction on Ontario Tech University’s new building. During this time, several portables located to the east of the Campus Library will be moved to a temporary new location at the west end of Founders lot 2.

Due to this, the parking entrance and exit directly north of Avenue of Champions (far west entrance to Founders lot 2) is temporarily closed; it will re-open after the move is completed in August.


Approximately 225 parking spots in the west section of Founders Lot 2 will be fenced off during construction. After the completion of the move, approximately 175 spots will remain unavailable throughout the duration of the new building construction project (until mid-August 2021).

The rest of Founders Lot 2 will remain open during most of the moving process.

Note: Founders Lot 2 permit holders and campus visitors intending to use Founders lot 2 will only be able to park in the centre and east sections of the lot during this period. If you experience any issues with parking in your designated lot, please use the intercom system to contact Parking Services, who will direct you to an alternative location.

In addition, vehicle access along the stretch of Founders Drive just east and north of the current location of the portables may be limited at times during the summer. Expect road closures and potential traffic delays in this area during those times.

Notice of Service Disruption

Durham College will provide notice of service disruption when any facility and/or technology are unavailable.

A notice of service disruption will include the following:

  • Reason for the disruption
  • Anticipated duration of the disruption
  • Alternate facilities or services, if any
  • Appropriate contact information


In the event of a temporary or unplanned service disruption, a notification will be served as quickly as possible via:

A notice placed at the main reception desks and/or in a visible location at the main entrances of all buildings on campus.


In the event of a planned service disruption, the college will provide the public with reasonable notice (at least 10 business days) of any such disruption via:

A notice placed at the main reception desks and/or in a visible location at the main entrances of all buildings on campus.


Service disruptions can be reported to the specific department or school affected by/responsible for the disruption or to one of the following areas: