Become a Volunteer

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My journey at Durham College has been transformative. Achieving my networking certifications, with the college's support, stands out as a major milestone. Thom MacDonald, the dean of my program, played a pivotal role during a challenging phase, offering unwavering guidance and belief.

Volunteering at the IT expo expanded my network and opened doors to hands-on experience. The bonds I've built on campus are profound; they've been instrumental in my professional trajectory, leading to my first college job.

The DC IWorks program broadened my horizons. Working across diverse departments, and now in International Education, I've amassed a rich skill set. The camaraderie and support I've encountered are unparalleled, fostering both my mental and physical resilience.

In essence, Durham College hasn't just been an educational institution for me but a foundation for personal and professional growth. Grateful for this journey, I'm Aaditya Sikka, proudly carrying forward the Durham legacy.

Aaditya Sikka Computer System Technology

Volunteer with the International Education office

There are many volunteer opportunities available to you at Durham College or in the region. Volunteering is an excellent way to give back to your campus or community, and can also help you gain valuable skills that will serve you well in your part-time job search.

If you are compassionate, patient, enthusiastic, outgoing or want to gain these skills, sign up to be part of the DC Crew here. On-campus volunteers help new students feel comfortable and welcomed into the DC family, share their experiences to help and direct new students, promote engagement by encouraging new international students to stay connected to the International Education office and foster a positive atmosphere by pumping up new students and being enthusiastic about activities.

Volunteer off-campus

Interested in volunteering off-campus? Before you engage in volunteer activities, it is your responsibility to review the meaning of work as per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This is because some volunteer work may be considered a type of work for which you are required to have a work permit. Therefore, it is your responsibility to always check and follow the regulations when planning to work as a volunteer.