Get Global

Get Global at Durham College

Our Durham College community is both local and global, and we encourage our students to embrace their status as citizens of the world. 

Students have the opportunity to ‘Get Global’ with our Global Competency Recognition program. Developing global skills and awareness will help students thrive in our rapidly changing and increasingly connected world.

By completing the program on DC Connect , you will:

  • Explore different perspectives and worldviews;
  • Expand your knowledge in cultural awareness, global connections, global learning and global sustainability; and
  • Earn recognition!

How it Works

Participate in activities and gain points in any of the four key knowledge areas. and earn a Global Learner digital badge at graduation. Check out this brochure for activities and associated points.

Getting Started

  • Send your student number to and we will enrol you in the Global Competency course.
  • Take the free online DC Connect course Indigenous Histories and Reconciliation (the full course, or at minimum, Module 1).
  • Once you’ve uploaded your Indigenous Histories Module 1 certificate, other Global Competency modules will be unlocked. Check the brochure for an idea of what you will need to do, like joining an on campus club, attending cultural events, or taking a culturally-focused course. You may have already done some or most of these.
  • Upload evidence of your involvement right in the DC Connect Global Competency course.

Cultural Awareness

Join a student-run group and participate for a minimum of one semester (each group) 10 points
Lead a student-run group for a minimum one semester 25 points
Attend cultural events on or off campus (each event) 5 points
Complete a personal/professional development workshop on anti-racism, power and privilege, allyship, cultural awareness or global competency (each workshop) 10 points
Complete a culturally-centered academic course 25 points

Global Learning

Participate in a Faculty-Led Classroom Abroad 25 points
Study or work abroad for a semester or summer 25 points
Complete a virtual global learning experience, such as Faculty-Led Classroom Abroad@Home 25 points
Create an independent essay on the importance of global learning (video, minimum 5 minutes, or essay minimum 1,000 words) 10 points
Complete an academic course that focuses on global learning (for example, global citizenship, international business, etc.) 25 points

Global Connections

Learn a new language or demonstrate having studied in a language other than English in previous studies 15 points
Volunteer for a semester with the DC Crew or International Student Mentorship Program 25 points
Join the Institute for Student Leadership for a minimum one semester 25 points

Global Sustainability

Complete a course that focuses on sustainability (for example, Ethics and Sustainability) 25 points
Complete the sustainability modules available in the Global Sustainability section of the Global Competency course 25 points


Why Global Competency?

Apart from building your skills in cultural awareness, global connections, learning globally and global sustainability, at graduation, you will receive recognition and a global learner badge (add this to your LinkedIn!)

For more information, contact