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    Graduation information - full-time students

    If you are planning to graduate, you must apply to graduate on MyDC, in the last semester of your program. The information you provide is required to conduct a graduation audit and prepare your certificate or diploma.

    After submitting your application, your status will read Applied - Under Review. You are encouraged to return to your online graduation application to monitor your graduation status as it will change from Applied - Under Review to Approved - Not Yet Awarded (which means you are graduating) or Not Eligible (which means that you did not meet all of the requirements to graduate) in early June, October or January. You will be able to track your academic progress through to graduation by doing an audit available on MyDC.

    If our records show that you are not eligible to graduate at this time, you will receive a letter from Strategic Enrolment Services advising you of this. If you receive this letter, we strongly encourage you to contact the administrative co-ordinator or student advisors in your faculty office immediately.

    The graduation fee is assessed in the first semester of a program. If you did not pay this fee when you started your program, you will be charged when you apply to graduate.

    All programs have academic requirements such as a minimum cumulative GPA, minimum subject grades and/or restrictions on subject failures. Please ensure that you are aware of the graduation requirements for your program. If you need assistance, visit your faculty office.

    Please note your certificate or diploma will not be prepared until the completed form has been submitted and all fees have been paid. Please ensure that you submit your request by mid-April for Spring convocation or mid-September for Fall convocation. If you are unable to access the online form, please contact Enrolment Services at

    For more information on the convocation ceremony, please visit