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Verification of Enrolment

Verification of Enrolment (VOE) serves as an official copy of your registration as a full-time or part-time student at Durham College.  This document includes your name, student number, program, how many credits you are currently registered.  It also clearly states your full-time or part-time status, as well as in which year of your program you are in.

To produce a Verification of Enrolment (VOE) letter you must be registered for courses for the current term or have been previously registered in a past term.  

The VOE letter is not used to confirm your enrolment for government student financial aid programs (Ontario Student Assistance Program [OSAP] or out-of-province loans).

How to order a verification of enrolment letter

You can view the step-by-step How to Request a VOE Tutorial here.

  1. Log into your MyDC account, select the Verification of Enrolment option and submit your request.
  2. Wait 5-10 minutes to receive an email notification from MyCreds™ when your Verification of Enrolment is ready to be shared.
  3. Log in to MyCreds™ using your @dcmail email address.
  4. Purchase your Verification Letter
    • Purchase your letter from MyCreds™ to view your Verification of Enrolment and authorize the release of your Verification of Enrolment to your chosen destination. If you are applying to another Ontario institution, please note that you will need to request your transcript electronically through Ontario Colleges (OCAS) or Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC)

If you have already submitted a request and your information/status has changed, you can request an updated VOE by submitting another request for the same term. You will receive an "Your document has been updated by Durham College" email and then can view your updated document. Updates are free of charge for the same term. 

Apprenticeship students are required to complete an Official Documentation request form and email it to to request a Verification of Enrolment.

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