Eligibility and selection process

Student Eligibility

Based on availability, Durham College education abroad opportunities are open to all students enrolled in a full-time program at Durham College.

Students must:

  • Be currently enrolled as a full-time Durham College student
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Have no holds on their account
  • Have no records with Campus Safety
  • Complete the application form. The application form includes:
    • A display of interest detailing the motivation for applying
    • Completed and signed ‘assumption of risks & responsibilities waiver found here
    • Completed and signed ‘request for student travel outside of Ontario form’ found here
    • Completed and signed ‘traveler information and emergency contact form’ found here
    • Completed and signed ‘media release form’ found here
    • Completed and signed ‘education abroad financial support application’ found here
    • The photo page of a valid passport
    • In some cases, a resume. For assistance in creating/updating your resume, you can avail the services provided by the career development office. See here for details

    There may be additional academic eligibility requirements based on the education abroad program. Full eligibility details will be included with the program information.

    Student selection process

    The student selection process is a partnership between the International Education Office and the relevant academic area. The process is as follows:

    • The International Education Office provides program details to the dean or associate dean, who then decides if they would like to move forward with the opportunity.
    • The academic school sets additional eligibility criteria, where applicable.
    • The academic school promotes the opportunity and provides deadlines (in consultation with the International Education Office).
    • Students complete and submit an application to the International Education Office, who then review it for eligibility and forward it over to the appropriate faculty members.
    • Faculty members shortlist applications, followed by interviews.
    • The International Education Office submits paperwork to students for completion.