International work-integrated learning

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The International Work-integrated Learning (IWIL) program has been established to ensure that you are job-ready for an increasingly globalized market. As an important element of education, work-integrated learning intentionally integrates your academic studies within a work setting. Such an opportunity abroad will help you gain an invaluable global perspective and build worldwide networks. By stepping out of your comfort zone and into a broader universe, you will also be able to enhance many essential skills that you can depend on in your future career.


Work-integrated learning opportunities may be self-directed. EQWIP HUBS also provides opportunities for work integrated placements in Bolivia, Ghana, Indonesia, Peru, Senegal and Tanzania. Placements are typically 3 months in length. In-country support is also provided to assist with accommodations and logistics.

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What’s Next?

After receiving all the required paperwork in their correct form, the International Education Office will contact you via email with the steps forward.

You may be eligible to apply for a travel bursary/scholarship offered by the International Education Office. Please go to Financial Support for more information.

In addition, you are required to attend pre-departure training and strongly encouraged to access and study all the resources in Before You Go and While Abroad in advance to ensure a safe experience abroad.

If you are not a Canadian citizen, refer to the Consular Office of the country to which you intend to travel at least 8 weeks in advance. Please keep in mind that you will need the proper authorization to legally work in the country that you will live in, even if your placement abroad is unpaid.