Image for the International Education week campaign.

International Education Week

Every third week of November, organizations around the world celebrate International Education Week (IEW). Celebrated globally since 2000, IEW provides an opportunity to highlight the benefits of internationalization efforts worldwide.

Durham College’s (DC) celebration of IEW coincides with those held in more than 100 countries around the globe. The International Education office leads the internationalization vision at DC and co-ordinates IEW events both at the Oshawa and Whitby campuses.

This year, DC’s International Education office is organizing several events to showcase the impact international education has in preparing students to work in a global environment and attract future leaders locally and from abroad. IEW activities at DC include events organized throughout the week to recognize international students, education abroad, and internationalization at home. It’s an opportunity for the community to better understand cultural differences and gain a new perspective of the world.

The goal for the week is to expand perspectives, foster dialogue and reflect the spirit of co-operation and collaboration required in all international education efforts.

Global Cookbook, 2022