Dinal Peiris headshot

As an international student who came from Sri Lanka, I had many hopes and dreams to achieve academically. During my search, I came across Durham college, and I knew it was the right place for me. As a student in the business field, I decided to take a marketing program. A few months after I started my program, there were unfortunate incidents that took place in my life. My country’s economy and government had been disrupted and when this took place, there was no way that my parents could send me money for my tuition fees or other expenses. Also, while this was happening, an unfortunate family event took place in my life, which in turn also negatively affected my finances. This led me to contemplate putting my schooling on hold and go back to Sri Lanka. It is then when I reached out the International Education Office. The staff members were really nice to me, understood my situation, and decided to assist me with financial support towards my upcoming semester payments. This support and the encouragement I received made me stay in school to finish my education. As a student who is in their final year of college, I want to say a big thank you to the International Education Office for the services they provided me. I believe that words cannot describe how much this meant to me and my family. This experience has showed me that staff at Durham College really care about their students and their success!

Dinal Peiris International student from Sri Lanka