After You Apply

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Now what?

My name is Ryo, an international student from Japan, taking a two-year “Video Production” Diploma program. I highly recommend you enroll in Durham College because they provide such a great service across the board. I learned tons of fascinating things in the program with eager and sweet professors and strong-willed class-mates in great facilities, surrounded by valuable equipment. Students can also learn in on-campus jobs related to their program. In my case, I was fortunate enough to have an on-campus job that I could learn from, and which also supported me financially. In addition, students can visit the on-campus Health clinic free of charge and be able to buy discounted medicines there. Dental issues are strongly covered at off-campus clinics with discounts and Durham College helps with job hunting at the Career Development office, as well as through career advancement/networking events. Therefore, I recommend Durham College for sure as the school fully supports you overall, and I hope you enjoy your education journey and campus life there.

Ryo International student from Japan