How to Pay

Payment methods



You can pay through online banking (Canadian Banks only), telephone banking, or even by automatic teller machine (ATM). Please be advised that your payment can take up to five business days to reach us. Payments received after the deadline date are considered late.

Add ‘Durham College’ or ‘Durham College – Tuition’ as a payee and use the nine-digit student number found on your acknowledgement or offer letter/email.

Please note: Payments cannot be made through Interac e-transfer or PayPal.


Warning: We have reports of people claiming to be brokers or agents scamming international students. Please make all payments directly through the secure payment options below to protect yourself.

You may choose to pay your fees by credit card through MyDC.

Durham College has partnered with Chase Paymentech for payments with International Visa and MasterCard.

New students

New students, you will use the online student tuition credit card payment link to pay the $500 deposit.

To pay the remainder of your tuition by credit card, sign in to MyDC

returning students

Returning students, to pay by credit card, sign in to MyDC.

Accepted credit cards include Visa, MasterCard and American Express, Discover and Diners Club.

Please note once a payment has been applied to your student account, all credit card payments must be paid through the MyDC portal.

Durham College is no longer permitted to accept credit card payments on paper based forms to ensure protection of credit card data.  Students making service requests or tuition payments can do this through your banking institution or through the MyDC payment portal.

CIBC International Student pay

Pay your fee using CIBC International Student Pay Portal in your preferred currency from anywhere in the world, at any time! Take advantage of CIBC’s competitive exchange rates exclusively for Durham College students, with quicker processing timelines and 24/7 student support via


An innovative and streamlined way to make payments via wire transfer and credit card. To pay by Flywire visit Durham College – Flywire.



Durham College (DC) offers multiple payment options for full-time post-secondary students.

In order to secure your seat in your program, you must ensure a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit is received by Durham College by the deadline date.  Please note that your deposit will be applied to the total fees owing for the academic year.

For the balance of fees owing, you may pay:

  • Total fees (less tuition deposit) for the entire academic year by the payment due date indicated under Important Dates.
  • Fees for each academic semester (less tuition deposit) by the payment due dates indicated under Important Dates.

Once you have paid your tuition deposit, you will receive an email from us outlining other important information and dates regarding your next steps for registration.

For a detailed listing of your program fees by semester please go to the Program Fee Calculator.


The Enrolment Services office can reduce the deposit amount to $200.00 for full-time students who declare to us that they meet certain qualifications:

  • Currently receiving funding from Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) or Ontario Works, or are the dependent of a person receiving funding through either of these programs;
  • Currently receiving funding as a current or former Crown Ward;
  • Attending full-time studies at Durham College in the immediately preceding semester.

To apply for a deposit reduction, please complete the Deferment Request Form.

If you do not meet the qualifications as outlined in the Deferment Request form, and have completed your current years OSAP application, and have extenuating circumstances, the Financial Aid office may be able to offer a reduced deposit based on additional criteria.  You can contact our Financial Aid department at (


  • To ensure you retain your seat, the proof of your eligibility and the deposit payment should be received by the College no later than the deposit due date. Payments received after this date will be considered late, and may be subject to Admissions waitlist policies.
  • Students applying for OSAP funding are responsible for ensuring that their OSAP application is complete and all required documentation is submitted in a timely manner. OSAP deferments will be automatically granted in early August for qualified students.
  • Students who are not approved for OSAP are responsible for paying their remaining fees by the due dates.


Students receiving funding from the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) are required to pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit.

  • If you have paid your deposit, and are receiving sufficient OSAP to cover your tuition, your tuition payment will be deferred automatically until your OSAP is released at the start of the school year.
  • Please review your OSAP assessment to ensure you meet the above criteria.  If the conditions are met we will collect your tuition fees at the time we release your OSAP funding.
  • OSAP funds are not released until the first day of school and take approximately 3-7 business days to be deposited to your account and forwarded to the school.
  • Please note students in three semester programs only receive two installments of OSAP funding.  Although OSAP does provide you with three semesters of tuition we can only collect tuition and fees that have been charged to your account at the time we release your OSAP funding, therefore, you will be responsible to pay your third semester tuition by the appropriate payment deadline dates.
  • Please make sure you check your OSAP status regularly as it will update you on both the release of funds and remittance to the school.
  • Any questions regarding your OSAP can be directed to


    If you are receiving funding from an external agency or organization, you are required to pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit.

    If you have written confirmation of funding, you are required to provide us with an authorization letter from your sponsor, on the agency’s letterhead.  The letter must contain the following information:

    • Name and student number of student being sponsored
    • Start date/term and end date/term of sponsorship
    • Items agency will cover i.e. tuition, mandatory student activity fees, optional student fees, textbooks and/or residence
    • Name, address, and phone number of contact person, for billing purposes
    • Mailing address of agency, for billing purposes

    Once we have received this letter and you have been registered, your sponsor will receive an invoice to be paid. Please direct your sponsor to email this letter to for processing.

    Invoices will be sent out to sponsors after the 10th day of classes in a semester. This allows students to register in their classes, and opt out of any eligible optional ancillary fees.

    It is important that we receive your tuition deposit and authorization letter prior to June 15 to secure your seat in your program.

    Please note:

    • Durham College does not accept sponsorships from private citizens; only external agencies and organizations are eligible to sponsor Durham College students.  
    • Students are responsible for opting out of any health and dental insurance plans if the student is eligible to do so and does not want the insurance.
    • Durham College will not send any academic updates/transcripts to the sponsor.  If required, the student can submit unofficial or official documentation to their sponsor directly.
    • If your sponsor does not pay the invoice by the deadline, or if there is an outstanding balance on the portion for which you are responsible, your student file will be placed on “Financial Hold.” 
    • If your sponsor is only covering a portion of your tuition and student fees, you are responsible for the remaining balance and must pay it by the tuition fee payment due date.


    Thanks to a new agreement with, students can now redeem their Aeroplan© Miles and TD Points into funds that can be used to help pay for fees.

    You can also convert the Aeroplan© Miles and TD Points of family members and friends as anyone can donate their points to an individual student.

    For more information and to set up an account, please visit:

    Please note that it takes up to five business days for the credit to appear on your student account so keep this in mind as your fee payment deadline(s) approach.